"Takahara is a small stratovolcano with lava domes located SW of Nasu volcano and NNW of Utsunomiya city in central Honshu. The basaltic-to-dacitic volcano lies within the Shiobara caldera, which was formed during the late Pleistocene at the time of the eruption of the Otawara pumice-flow deposit. The latest dated eruption of Takahara took place about 6500 years ago along the NW-SE-trending Yumoto-Shiobara fissure system within the caldera. Eruptions along this fissure initially produced the phreatic Takahara-Uenohara tephra deposit, which was distributed primarily to the east. The symmetrical Fuji-san lava dome, one of many conical volcanoes named after Japan's renowned Mount Fuji, was extruded at the end of the eruption."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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