"Yake-dake rises above the popular resort of Kamikochi in the Northern Japan Alps. The small dominantly andesitic stratovolcano, one of several Japanese volcanoes named Yake-dake or Yake-yama ("Burning Peak" or "Burning Mountain"), was constructed astride a N-S-trending ridge between the older volcanoes of Warudani-yama and Shiratani-yama. Akandana-yama, about 4 km SSW of Yake-dake, is a stratovolcano with lava domes that was active into the Holocene. A 300-m-wide crater is located the summit of Yake-dake, and explosion craters are found on the SE and northern flanks. Frequent small-to-moderate phreatic eruptions have occurred during the 20th century. On February 11, 1995, a hydrothermal explosion in a geothermal area killed two persons at a highway construction site."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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