"Sanbe stratovolcano in SW Honshu, along the Japan Sea coast, is also known as Sambe volcano. The summit of Sanbe is cut by a small caldera about 1 km in diameter. The highest point on the dacitic-to-andesitic volcano is 1126-m-high O-Sanbe, at the northern end of the complex. Sanbe has had several large explosive eruptions during the Pleistocene and one strong Holocene eruption from Taihei-zan lava dome about 3700 years ago. This eruption was accompanied by pyroclastic flows that swept down the NE-to-SE flanks and traveled 9 km down the Hayamizu River to the SW. Younger, undated eruptions have also occurred (Machida and Arai, 1992)."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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