"A group of young stratovolcanoes forms the eastern end of the irregularly shaped island of Kuchinoerabu-jima in the northern Ryukyus, 15 km west of Yaku-shima. Furu-take, Shin-take, and Noike were erupted from south to north, respectively, to form a composite cone that is parallel to the trend of the Ryukyu Islands. The highest peak, Furu-take, reaches only 657 m above sea level. The youngest cone, 640-m-high Shin-take, was formed after the NW side of Furu-take was breached by an explosion. All historical eruptions have occurred from Shin-take, although a lava flow from the south flank of Furu-take that reached the coast has a very fresh morphology. Frequent explosive eruptions have taken place from Shin-take since 1840; the largest of these was in December 1933. Several villages on the 4 x 12 km island are located within a few km of the active crater of Shin-take and have suffered damage from eruptions."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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