"The southernmost Ryukyu Islands volcano is a shallow submarine volcano north of Iriomote-jima island. The submarine volcano is located 25 km NNE of the NE tip of Iriomote-jima and 35 km WSW of the northern tip of the island of Ishigaki-shima in an area with an estimated depth of 200-300 m. A major submarine eruption took place at this volcano on October 31, 1924. It produced rhyolitic pumice rafts with an estimated volume of about 1 cu km that were carried by currents along both coasts of Japan as far north as Hokkaido. The largest pumice blocks exceeded 1 x 2 m in size, and the volume of ejecta places this poorly known eruption among the largest in historical time in Japan."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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