Leizhou Bandao
"The Leizhou Bandao volcanic field is a group of Pliocene-Holocene basaltic cones on the Leizhou (Liuchow) Peninsula in SE China, across the Qiongzhou strait north of Hainan Dao Island. Leizhou Bandao is the northern part of the Qionglei volcano group (also known as the Leiqiong volcanic field), a 7300 sq km basaltic-to-basanitic plateau that covers the southern Leizhou (Liuchow) Peninsula and extends across a broad area of northern Hainan Dao. Volcanism on the peninsula was controlled by E-W-trending extension related to the opening of the South China Sea Basin. Yingfengling and Tianyang are Pleistocene stratovolcanoes that contain large amounts of mantle xenoliths. Much of the southern part of the penisula is formed by Pleistocene-Holocene volcanic cones, but another area of Pleistocene-Holocene volcanism lies at the the northern end of the peninsula, west of Zhanjiang City."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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