Ambalatungan Group
"A little-known cluster of volcanoes in the Cordillera Central of northern Luzon is known as Ambalatungan by Alvir (1956) and the Philippine Commission of Volcanology (1981) and as Mount Binuluan by Wolfe (1982, pers. comm.). The dacitic Ambalatungan Group was described as consisting of three volcanoes constructed along a roughly E-W line. Ambalatungan volcano proper contains a steep-walled crater with hot springs and vigorous sulfur-encrusted fumarolic vents that produce loud noises. Bumabag volcano, 3 km east of Ambalatungan, has two craters that also show strong fumarolic activity. Podakan volcano, 1 km SE of Bumabag, also has a large steam vent. A possible steam eruption was reported from 2329-m-high Mount Binuluan (whose relationship to the previously mentioned volcanoes is unclear) in 1952, during which a sulfur-rich debris flow killed a dozen people."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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