Cuernos de Negros
"Cuernos de Negros (also known as Magaso) is a large stratovolcano complex that anchors the SE tip of Negros Island. The eastern side of the complex consists of two stratovolcanoes and a lava dome; two crater lakes up to 1.5 km in diameter are present. The lower western part of the complex contains four volcanic centers. The small summit crater of Magaso, the highest peak of the complex, rises above the city of Dumaguete and contains fumaroles. Two Sulfuric springs are found on the ESE flank of Magaso, and hot springs occur on the NE flank. The youngest radiocarbon date obtained was 14,000 yrs BP from a dacitic breccia, and a younger andesitic unit is present. An increase in fumarolic activity took place after a major tectonic earthquake in 1902. The Palinpinon geothermal field is located south of the Okoy River on the north side of the volcano."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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