"Numerous pyroclastic cones and craters dot 60-km-wide Jolo Island at the SW end of the Philippines archipelago. Jolo lies in the Sulu archipelago, about 150 km SW of the tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula on SW Mindanao Island. The isolated location of Jolo and political unrest have inhibited geological studies of the volcanic island. Youthful-looking Tumatangus volcano forms the 811 m high point of the island. Bud Dajo (or Buddajo) is a young basaltic cinder cone that reaches 620 m elevation; nearby cones are Matanding, Guimba, and Sungal. Hot springs have been reported at craters on Cagayan Sulu, and solfataras at Siit Lake. A tsunami accompanied a possible submarine eruption in 1897. A reported eruption in 1641 actually reflected ashfall from the eruption of Parker volcano on Mindanao."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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