"The symmetrical Gunung Inierie volcano in south-central Flores overlooks the Sawu Sea, and at 2245 m is the highest volcano on the island. A small steep-walled crater is oriented E-W immediately east of the summit of the conical stratovolcano, whose upper slopes are unvegetated. A somma wall lies west and NW of Inierie (also known as Rokka Peak). A NNW-SSE-trending chain of volcanoes extends from across a low saddle to the NE of Inierie, including 1400-m-high Wolo Bobo. These are part of the Pleistocene Bajawa cinder cone complex, which lies north to east of the volcano. A column of "smoke" is sometimes visible from the crater of Inierie, as occurred in June 1911. The age of the latest eruption of Inierie is not known, although the volcano was mapped as Holocene, and an eruption of Wolo Bobo was radiocarbon dated at about 10,000 years ago (Nasution et al., 2000). Hot springs are located at the northern flank of the volcano, and additional geothermal areas are located to the east and NE."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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