"Gunung Merbabu is a massive forested volcano that rises to the north above a broad 1500-m-high saddle from the renowned Merapi volcano in central Java. The volcano is elongated in a NNW-SSE direction, parallel to the trend of the long transverse volcanic chain extending from Merapi to Ungaran volcano. Three prominent U-shaped radial valleys extend from the 3145-m-high summit of Merbabu toward the NW, NE, and SE, dividing the volcano into three segments. The most recent magmatic eruptions originated from a NNW-SSE fissure system that cut across the summit and fed the large-volume Kopeng and Kajor lava flows on the northern and southern flanks, respectively. Moderate explosive eruptions have occurred from the summit crater of Merbabu in historical time."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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