"Bola volcano (also known as Wangore) is a symmetrical stratovolcano, located immediately SW of Dakataua caldera, that forms the 1155-m high point of the Willaumez Peninsula. The forested andesitic cone has a well-preserved, 400-m-wide crater with a 100-m-high eastern wall and a low western rim. Three large explosion craters occupy the NE flank of Bola. The most recent lava flow issued from the summit crater and flowed to the west. This viscous flow is at least 50 m thick, leaving an irregularity in the profile of the volcano. The pristine summit crater and weak fumarolic activity suggested to Lowder and Carmichael (1970) that the most recent eruption may have been only a few hundred years ago."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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