"The andesitic-to-dacitic Nabukelevu lava-dome complex occupies the SW end of Kadavu Island at the southern end of the Fiji archipelago. The high point of the Nabukelevu complex is 805 m Mt. Washington, an andesitic lava dome. Flat-lying dacitic lava flows are found at Cape Washington along the west coast and at Talaulia Bay on the NE coast. NNE-trending faults cut the complex in several locations and define its eastern boundary. The dome complex is cut by several collapse scarps that were the source of debris avalanches that have incorporated human artifacts and remains. Debris avalanches have entered the sea on the both the northern and southern sides of the volcano. Onshore and offshore deposits as well as native legends indicate that several eruptions have occurred at Nabukelevu during the Holocene. Block-and-ash flows related to dome growth have occurred within the past few hundred years."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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