'Uwayrid, Harrat
"The Harrat 'Uwayrid, located in NW Saudi Arabia along the Bedouin pilgrim route to Syria, contains young basaltic scoria and tuff cones and associated lava fields. The massive alkali olivine basaltic lava field reaches a height of 1920 m; it extends about 125 km in a NW-SE direction and is contiguous with the Harrat ar Rahat volcanic field to the NW. The Catalog of Active Volcanoes of the World (Neumann van Pandang, 1963a) indicated that an eruption in about 640 AD at Harrat 'Uwayrid may have been from either Hala-'l-Bedr or Hala-'l-'Ischia, or both. Bedouin legends say that Hala-'l-Bedr erupted fire and stones, killing herdsmen and their cattle and sheep."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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