Rahah, Harrat ar
"Harrat ar Rahah is the northernmost of a series of Quaternary volcanic fields paralleling the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. The olivine basaltic volcanic field of Harrat ar Raha lies south of the Plain of El-'Hisma, south of the town of Tabuk. There are fewer young volcanoes in Harrat ar Rahah than in other harrats (lava fields) to the south. Harrat ar Rahah is erosionally divided into two segments and is about 35 km wide at its broadest extent on the west, narrowing down to less than a kilometer in width at the divide at Matar. Lava flows are more numerous in the southern segment, where they rise up to 550 m above the Cambrian sandstone plain. On the southern and SW sides the sandstones and the basaltic lava fields are dissected, and lava flows traveled mainly to the NE. Neumann van Padang (1963) in the Catalog of Active Volcanoes of the World speculated that the Israelite account in Exodus 19:16-18 might refer to an eruption from Harrat ar Rahah."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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