Gollu Dag
"Göllü Dag, a 2143-m-high rhyolitic-to-rhyodacitic lava dome complex in central Anatolia, lies between the Hasan Dagi and Acigöl-Nevsehir volcanic complexes. Fission track ages on obsidians from Göllü Dag ranged from between 1.33 to 0.84 million years old (Bigazzi et al., 1995). A large number of cinder cones are located adjacent to Göllü Dag, many along N-S-trending fissures north of the lava dome complex and south of the Erdas Dag massif; some of these cones were considered by Keller (1980, pers. comm.) to be Holocene in age due to their freshly preserved features. The lava domes and cinder cones overlie the buried silicic Derinkuyu caldera complex of Tertiary age; hydrothermal alteration and hot springs are present in the Sahin Kalesi resurgent dome complex west of Göllü Dag and on the southern flank of the Erdas Dag massif north of Göllü Dag."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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