"Larderello, one of the world's most productive geothermal areas, is located in the southern part of the Tuscany region of Italy. This extensive solfatara field lies in an area underlain by sediments of Eocene-to-Pliocene age. The geothermal activity is considered to be related to a cooling granitic pluton of Pliocene age beneath sedimentary and metamorphic rocks ranging from Paleozoic to Tertiary age, although the area is cut by faults with hydrothermal mineralization related to Pliocene-to-Quaternary Tuscan magmatism. The only surficial morphological manifestation of volcanism is a series of about a dozen explosion craters 30-250 m in diameter. The Lago Vecchienna crater, now filled by a 250-m-wide lake, ejected blocks and ash during a phreatic eruption in about 1282 AD (Marinelli, 1969)."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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